Hustler TV Releases 'Reel Joe' Reality Show

Ed Palomar
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — Hustler TV is riding the reality wave and releasing a new reality show called “Reel Joe.” Hustler Video’s Marketing Director Sean Carney told XBiz that the central character “was an actual porn fan, not an adult star.”

The premise of the reality porn series is that an average guy is transformed into a porn stud by director Kat Slater, according to Carney. In front of live cameras, adult performers Phoenix Ray, Anna Mills, Melody Max, Angela Crystal and Honney Bunny perform the various sex acts “Reel Joe” tells them to do. His sexual wish is their command.

According to Carney, “Hustler TV promises to bring you the best reality porn from Hustler’s new cable network. ‘Reel Joe’ is the hottest triple-X reality show yet created. This one keeps you guessing and at the same time it gets you off!”

Reality TV - which purports to present unscripted nonfiction footage, often featuring amateurs - is the latest craze on mainstream television and now the Internet. Reality programming currently dominates much of the schedules of broadcast and cable networks with programs such as “Fear Factor,” “Survivor” and “Big Brother."

A particularly crowd-pleasing aspect of reality programming is its interactivity. Voters out there in TV Land cast ballots to choose their favorite singer on “American Idol.” On the new Showtime cable series “American Candidate,” audiences vote on speeches and the like in order to select a wannabe presidential candidate from 10 contenders.

“Reel Joe” is also capitalizing on the popularity of the reality vogue. “There's never been a porn reality DVD like ‘Reel Joe,’ where you can watch and then have a chance to join in the action,” Carney said.

At the end of the “Reel Joe” DVD, adult star Aurora Snow appears onscreen with instructions as to how viewers can enter the contest to apply to become the star of “Reel Joe II.”

“Reel Joe” is being released on DVD on Aug. 24. According to Carney, Hustler’s new cable network is set to debut in October 2004.