DarkLady Announces 'Back-to-School Party'

Gretchen Gallen
PORTLAND, Or. – Porn scribe and webmaster Darklady announced a Back-to-School Birthday Party Fundraiser this week to celebrate her birthday and company namesake.

Calling on all Darklady fans and "unrepentant deviants,' Darklady put out the call for anyone in the Portland area to make a push for the Aug. 22 event. An RSVP and proper I.D. will be required.

"It's time once again to don the school colors (white, black, and blue) or other appropriate reform school garb, support the school's beloved team, The Nads, and stay out past curfew," said Darklady.

Party features include the "What's In My Pants" game, a performance by the dance band Full Brazil, door prizes and S&M and sensual rubitorium play spaces. According to Darklady, a no-host bar and potluck buffet will be provided.

Vendors include Dancing Muse fetish wear, Naughty Bakery and Wolfpack Leathers

According to Darklady, guests who appear at the party in street clothes will be charged a $25 entrance fee, and those who don reform school or "other creative garb" will be charged $20.

A portion of the evening's proceeds will go to fight Oregon Constitutional Amendment 36, a ballot measure opposing same-sex marriage, and aid the Woodhull Freedom Foundation.

Victoria Woodhull was an activist who voiced a radical view on American sexual politics during the Victorian era. According to her website, Woodhull advocated sexual satisfaction and love for all, legal prostitution, the right to multiple partners, and she supported people's abilities to make their own decisions about consensual sexual activities.