Naughty Niche Launches New Affiliate Program, Micro Niche Sites

Ed Palomar
MONTREAL, Quebec — Naughty Niche is announcing a new affiliate program that gives webmasters more bang for their buck in the obscure but lucrative mini-fetish market.

Naughty Niche 2.0 features free hosted galleries, hotlinkable thumbs, zipped content packages with gallery templates, a free hosted picture of the day plus a rewards program for affiliates. Naughty Niche’s website has also been redesigned.

“We spend lots of time learning what customers want by doing research,” Naughty Niche owner Emmanuelle told XBiz. “They email us and post on the message boards. We focus on tiny, obscure, rare fetishes."

The Montreal-based company is also releasing three new niche paysites: ‘GimpGirls’, ‘Long Hair Babes’ and ‘Wet Chixxx.’ According to the site, GimpGirls features “Ladies in leg casts and wheelchairs, a subset of the foot fetish and devotee niches.”

Long Hair Babe features blondes, brunettes and redheads with “hair to at least their mid-back.” Wet Chixxx features “glamour, softcore, wet and wet clothing” imagery.

Emmanuelle told XBiz that Naughty Niche specializes in reaching out to tiny targeted, highly selected audiences.

"They are so small that most adult Internet companies would not give it the time of day," she said. "Most affiliates only push generic fetishes."

However, Naughty Niche has pioneered the “micro niche,” a term Emmanuelle claims to have coined. She explained that while a foot fetish is generic, an obsession with a foot in particular shoes, or injured feet, are micro niches.

“The markets for these sites are very underserved, but fans are fiercely dedicated to their fetish,” Emmanuelle stated. She cited balloon fetishists as an example. Emmanuelle told XBiz that Naughty Niche’s balloon sites have 500-plus members who pay $20 per month each for content pertaining to this particular fetish.

Naughty Niche offers affiliates rewards for the average partner. Many boards post promotions that are unattainable, but they should be available to everyone. If someone makes only five sales, Naughty Niche gives them some kind of reward, such as free content, stated Emmanuelle.

She went on to explain that “most fetishes stem from events during childhood.” While Emmanuelle’s sites cater to fans yearning for those obscure objects of desire, there are some fetishes that Naughty Niche will not niche market to. They include, “no teens, and no degrading of women. Sex should be fun, regardless of your bent or kink,” Emmanuelle said.

Asked what her own particular fetish is, Emmanuelle told XBiz, “Everybody asks me that. So far, I haven’t found out.”