Yahoo’s Anti-Spy Cracks Down on Pop-Ups

Ed Palomar
SUNNYVALE, Calif. — Yahoo is releasing new software to block adware and spyware. The software, called Anti-Spy, is part of Yahoo’s pop-up blocking toolbar.

Yahoo produced AntiSpy with the software company PestPatrol. Trial tests have reportedly proven to be successful in identifying spyware and adware – including Claria’s.

But in its efforts to crackdown on pesky spyware and adware, Yahoo may also be harming the bottom line of a partner the Yahoo subsidiary company Overture.

Claria, which was formerly known as Gator, is a major provider and maker of adware.

The technology of the so-called Gator Advertising and Information Network was triggered when keywords and queries were entered in search engines, including Google and MSN, as well as Yahoo. Overture has been partnering with Claria since 2002.

The pop-ups generated about a third of Claria’s revenue in 2003, which was more than $35 million. However, despite what could be perceived as a conflict of interest, Yahoo and Claria will reportedly continue to collaborate with one another.

Yahoo mandates that the makers of adware disclose what their products do and that they provide users with easy ways to disable the pop-ups.

Aaron Ferstman, a spokesman for Yahoo, said, “Claria operates within these guidelines and we will continue to do business with them so long as they remain with these standards.”

A Claria spokesperson, Scott Eagle, echoes Ferstman’s sentiments and maintained that the two firms would continue to work together. The agreement between Overture and Claria extends through 2007.