TotemCash Contest Winner Goes Wild In Paris

PARIS – Maurice from was the lucky winner of TotemCash’s ‘Trip to Paris’ competition, spending 3 nights and 4 days in the city, meeting the TotemCash team, sight-seeing and partying in the French capitol’s top nightspots!

"We had a great time hanging out with Maurice for the weekend. He's a very cool guy and it was a pleasure to finally meet him. We took him to some fancy restaurants, then partied all night, he’s a real party animal" said Totem’s Nicholas Vieuxloup with a smile, adding "I think he spent the €1000 in cash (part of the prize) in no time at all!" On the Friday we met him at the airport and brought him out for lunch. That’s where we handed him his cash prize (he looked quite happy with that). After, we gave him a short visit of TotemCash HQ before escorting him to his luxurious 4* Hotel just off the famous Champs Elysées boulevard in downtown Paris."

"I had an awesome weekend with the TotemCash team, they were all very cool and I still have a headache from the all the partying we did!" laughs Maurice, adding "See you in Miami guys!"

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