ECardica Launches E-Card "Control Panel"

LAKE HOPATCONG, NJ – Precisely designed and tested for the basic Internet user, the eCardica Control Panel is poised to revolutionize the electronic greeting card industry.

The Control Panel combines the features of Microsoft Outlook (contacts and calendar), the "standard" eCard Members Area (reminders, favorites, history and scrapbook) and the eScheduler (designed especially for the user on the go who likes to schedule everything) into one ground-breaking package.

The eScheduler was created especially for members who want to send out greetings but seem to forget when the event actually comes. With this new feature our users never forget again to send out their greetings to loved ones and friends. Members can now schedule dates and events into this section and a pre-selected or random eCard will be sent one time or even every year to the recipient of choice.

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