Larry Flynt Appears on 'Democracy Now'

Ed Palomar
SAN FRANCISCO — Larry Flynt appeared on the radical radio show “Democracy Now” this week to promote his new book, “Sex, Lies and Politics: The Naked Truth.”

The Hustler Magazine publisher discussed a job offer he’d made to Judge Kenneth Starr shortly after the Independent Counsel’s report became public about the affair between President Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky.

On-the-air, Flynt read a Sept. 22, 1998 letter he’d sent Starr: “Let me take this opportunity to thank you on behalf of all the employees at Hustler... for your tireless work in producing the Starr Report. I have been impressed by the salacious and voyeuristic materials in your work. The material you have assembled in your report contains more pornographic references than those provided by Hustler Online services this month,” Flynt said.

Flynt told “Democracy Now” hostess, Amy Goodman, and its listeners that shortly after the Starr Report came out, the L.A. Weekly compared it to Hustler’s website. The Los Angeles-based newsweekly found that while Hustler Online had 44 graphic references to genitalia that month, the Starr Report had 69.

In an aside, the publisher sarcastically noted that unlike the Starr Report, Hustler’s website had no references to contact between tobacco products and female private parts. Flynt continued reading aloud his caustic letter to Starr:

“I congratulate you for having opened the doors of libraries and schools to pornographic literature. Those of us at Hustler need your assistance in extending the parameters of pornography to a wider community of adults. You have opened a new era in promoting explicit sexual materials. Your keen aptitude and relentless focus on disseminating pornographic materials is an inspiration to every employee at Hustler,” Flynt read.

Flynt’s tongue-in-cheek letter to the Independent Counsel concluded by offering Starr “full-time employment for Hustler magazine” due to his “exemplary work” in “disseminating pornographic materials to a broader and more diverse community of Americans.”

The New York-based “Democracy Now” program is broadcast by the left wing Pacifica Network. It is aired by numerous public and cable radio and TV stations throughout the nation, and can be heard online.

Flynt also told “Democracy Now” that Hustler had investigated whether President George W. Bush’s then-girlfriend had had an abortion back in 1971. The publisher said that he did not publish an article regarding these allegations because the woman in question disappeared.

When she finally reappeared, the “cocktail waitress” who had been “earning $13,000 a year” was living in “a half million dollar home in Corpus Christi, Texas,” Flynt claimed. He alleged that supporters of Bush – who is anti-abortion – had bought the woman’s silence.

Flynt was interviewed by Goodman while he was at a San Francisco radio station, and it was broadcast on Aug. 3. As part of his book tour, on Aug. 2 the porn mogul and author made a personal appearance at Books and Books in Coral Gables, Fla.. The following day, while still in the Sunshine State, Flynt presided over the opening of his newest Hustler Hollywood sex boutique, which is located in Ft. Lauderdale.

In related news, the Hustler Hollywood retail chain remains embroiled in a legal battle with Lexington, Ky. On Aug. 3, Cincinnati attorney H. Louis Sirkin, who represents Hustler Hollywood, filed a brief in U.S. District Court. It asked the federal court not dismiss the store’s lawsuit alleging that Lexington was violating its constitutional rights to freedom of expression.

The Associated Press reported on July 30 that it was “likely” that the federal lawsuit would be dismissed so that the dispute could be heard in state courts. There are two pending state court cases in Fayette County.

Hustler Hollywood’s federal lawsuit stems from a zoning ordinance the Lexington City Council passed shortly before the boutique opened. It prohibits adult shops, clubs, et al, from being located near interstate highway exchanges in Fayette County. The Hustler Hollywood store is near an interchange off of Interstate 75.

The Lexington Hustler Hollywood is managed by Jimmy Flynt, brother of Larry.