FLASHCA$H Awards F*cking Brilliance on the Boards

FlashCash is launching its "FLASH of F*CKING BRILLIANCE!" campaign to try to elevate the level of discourse among adult webmasters. Once a day they will be recognizing an individual message board post as "F*cking Brilliant." The author of the post will get $20 Epassported to them and receive the undying appreciation of the webmaster community.

The phenomenon of "sig whoring" has increased the quantity of posting on many boards, but it has been detrimental to the quality. FlashCash hopes that by rewarding quality, webmasters will be incentivized to put some thought into their writing.

FlashCash Minister of Information DavidD explained, "FlashCash has been around for a LONG time. And we know that there are tons of brilliant people working in the adult industry…we interact with them daily. But if you read through the conversations on the adult web boards, you start to wonder if we’ve all been huffing gasoline. "

In addition to the cash award, the author will be given a "Winner of the FoFB Award" button to place in their sig and winning posts will be reprinted in a ongoing weblog. Winners will also be in the running for yearly "best of" awards to be given at a separate awards ceremony.

"The importance of message boards is undeniable in this industry. FlashCash just wants to do their part to increase the value of the time we all spend there." Added DavidD.

For more information, please visit FlashOfFuckingBrilliance.com.