CCBill Offers Webmasters Retro Payment

Gretchen Gallen
TEMPE, Ariz. – Credit card processing company CCBill announced Monday that it will make good on uncollected telephone billing transactions that its clients missed out on between the dates of Jan. 22 and March 11.

The Tempe, Arizona-based company has officially launched a retro payment service to compensate its CCBill900# clients for monies that were never collected through an unnamed third party provider, a CCBill representative told XBiz.

The CCBill900# billing option launched in beta in mid-January, but according to the representative, the third party provider failed to submit funds to CCBill, and consequently, webmasters went unpaid.

"This time around we never got paid by that vendor," the representative told XBiz. "So as a result, clients have been waiting for payments. It's a way of paying webmasters on good faith and not keeping them waiting. They helped us get through this beta stage so it's only fair that we make sure they are promptly paid a 100 percent of what they are owed."

According to CCBill, on average, nearly 20 percent of telephone billing transactions are never collected, partially due to consumers refusing to pay the bill they have incurred, and then the chain effect goes from the payment processor to the webmaster.

"As a gesture of appreciation to our clients who helped us roll out this product, we want this all to come to a quick and a fair resolution," the CCBill representative said, adding that the CCBill900# program is now being run through a new third party provider and no such problems are expected to happen again.

CCBill also announced that all payments from March 11 forward, which have been received from the new vendor, will begin after these initial adjustment payments.

A major supporter of the online adult industry, CCBill was launched in 1998 and provides processing, e-ticketing and access management solutions to a global roster of web-based businesses.