RLW Publishing Announces Release Of Protect My Ads

GASTONIA, NC – RLW Publishing has announced the release of Protect My Ads.

Developed to help webmasters that are tired of Norton Internet Security, Ad Muncher and other ad blocking scumware blocking their website ads, Protect My Ads offers an easy and affordable way for you to fight back and stop these thieves from stealing your income by blocking your ads.

Protect My Ads defeats scumware software programs and prevents them from removing your ads on your web pages, and hides your affiliate codes from many toolbars and other browser add-ons that change affiliate codes from yours to theirs, and it also stops affiliate link bypassing, keeping surfers from visiting your sponsor without your affiliate code.

Protect My Ads! is available in both a CGI/SSI and PHP/mySQL versions.

For further information, please contact Rob Whisonant at rob@rlwpublishing.com or visit www.protectmyads.com.