New Sensations Releases Gothic-Inspired 'Wicca'

Rhett Pardon
CHATSWORTH, Calif. — New Sensations announced this week the release of “Wicca,” a new movie by John T. Bone about magic and witchcraft, as well as sex.

“Wicca” stars Felicity Jones, an exclusive performer for the John T. Bone Co., and other contract actors Karina Bonita and Rubi.

The video was shot in Sao Paulo, Brazil, where John T. Bone has set up a studio for movies distributed by Chatsworth, Calif.-based New Sensations.

T. Bone is known to produce adult films that are based on historical subject matter while hiring South American talent to perform in his movies.

T. Bone said he was “intrigued at the thought of exploring the subject matter” of “Wicca.” He also said he was fascinated with the video’s costumes.

“Back in England we have a history of witches and witchcraft dating back many centuries,” said T. Bone, who produces one video every five to six weeks for New Sensation.

T. Bone, who signed a multi-video deal with New Sensations last year, has six women and two men under contract. All shoot without condoms.

Photography, editing and post-production are completed at his Sao Paulo facilities.

“I have worked extremely hard to align myself within a system that does not usually accept outsiders and I have been very successful in running my entire production operation from outside the United States,” T. Bone said.