X-Con II Girls Appear on Stern Show

Ed Palomar
NEW YORK — Layla Jade, Selena Silver and Victoria Givens appeared on Howard Stern’s radio show to promote X-Con II.

The shock jock made the trio compete in the “Porn Stars Olympics,” Jade told XBiz, while riding in the back of a limo after leaving the radio studio.

In the so-called Porn Star Olympic event, the scantily clad adult stars had to drink water every 15 minutes. The winner was the last performer who had to urinate. The prize was $10,000.

Jade said that Silver won the award money. “We drank eight bottles each. Robin Quivers bet $200 on me,” Jade said. However, the British porn star and X-Con II promoter cost Stern’s newswoman $200 when Jade could no longer hold it in.

Jade said that during the competition, Stern’s longtime sidekick, Gary Dell’Abate, who is nicknamed “Baba Booey,” wore diapers. “I was the first woman to take off my top,” added Jade.

She told XBiz that the trio of porn stars was periodically on-the-air for two and a half hours. Aside from the frivolity, the adult performers were on Stern’s nationally broadcast as part of their media blitz for X-Con II. The event offers fans an opportunity to meet their favorite porn stars in an informal setting. X-Con II takes place Sunday at Entertanium Studios in downtown Los Angeles. Jade said that Stern ballyhooed X-Con II throughout his syndicated broadcast.

Jade said that the Stern appearance was “Fantastic! Myself and the girls had a great time!”

Victoria Givens told XBiz, “We worked very well together. Howard really enjoyed our presence. He asked us lots of questions, like about the porn industry. After the ‘Olympics,’ he asked us how badly we had to pee.”