Pay As You Click Offers Low-Cost Option

Ed Palomar
LONDON — Payasyouclick is offering adult webmasters a low-budget option that allows surfers to pay from 1 cent to $2 per picture or video users click on.

This micro-payment system permits surfers to make small, anonymous payments to sites. And they do so without the time consuming interruptions of having to enter credit card information, account numbers, PINS, or passwords each time users click on content.

Pay As You Click Ltd. is ballyhooing its program as a way for adult webmasters to compete with all the free e-sex content online. By paying only pennies per click, the United Kingdom-based firm maintains that porn sites can profit from surfers who would never commit to a paysite. In particular, Pay As You Click Ltd. contends that this “is a way to monetize Thumbnail Gallery Posts.”

The system is similar in concept to that used by many mainstream websites. For example, if a surfer wants to download a single article from an online daily newspaper that charges for its content, he/she does not have to subscribe to the site. Instead, the user can simply pay for that one story only.

According to Pay You Click Ltd.’s website, “the surfer only logs in once to our secure site, then they can make payments as low as one cent with a single click, and get instant access to the premium pages on any website that accepts PayAsYouClick micro-payments…. It allows PayAsYouClick account holders to transfer small amounts to your account when they click on one of your protected links.”

The British firm charges a commission per click. The system offers webmasters referral bonuses. Webmasters can earn commissions by referring traffic to adult and mainstream sites that have PayAsYouClick accounts.

In addition, webmasters can sign surfers up to micro-subscriptions that allow users access to member areas. These short-term accounts can last anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours.

Pay As You Click Ltd. states that access to its program requires a single CGI script that webmasters can upload by FTP.