Hustler Hollywood Goes to Court Today

Ed Palomar
LEXINGTON, Ky. — Hustler Hollywood’s legal battle against an anti-adult zoning ordinance is scheduled to go to a federal court today. Jimmy Flynt is seeking a temporary restraining order so that the latest outlet of the national sex store chain can sell sexually explicit materials.

Shortly before the Hustler Hollywood opened, the Lexington City Council passed a zoning ordinance that prohibits adult shops, clubs, and the like from being located near interstate highway exchanges in Fayette County. The Hustler Hollywood store is near an interchange off of Interstate 75.

The Hustler Hollywood store opened July 16, but did not sell adult products until July 26. Jimmy Flynt filed a federal lawsuit last week against the city of Lexington, claiming that the zoning ordinance was unconstitutional and violated his free-expression rights.

In addition to being the operator of the Hustler Hollywood in Lexington, Jimmy Flynt is the brother of Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flynt.

Perhaps not coincidentally, the Los Angeles-based porn mogul was in nearby Cincinnati, Ohio, promoting his new book, “Sex, Lies, and Politics: The Naked Truth.” Larry Flynt’s free speech court battles are legendary, and inspired the 1996 Hollywood movie “The People vs. Larry Flynt.”