Topco Produces Toy for New Chi Chi LaRue Video

Ed Palomar
LOS ANGELES — Topco Sales announced on “AlyTV” that it has custom designed and produced a sex toy for a new Chi Chi LaRue movie. The adult novelty item is being released and will be sold with a 3-disk DVD set in the fall.

The product in question is a hard dildo that can be bolted onto, say, a chair. The sex toy bears the same name as the LaRue video: “The Bolt.”

Two Topco representatives discussed the product on the July 29 “AlyTV” program, a webcast geared for the adult industry. “AlyTV” is hosted by Aly Drummond, who also does marketing, sales, and public relations for Python Communications.

It is commonplace for mainstream movies to have merchandizing tie-ins. Hollywood films are often released in connection to related children’s toys, fast-food chains, and the like, in order to cross-promote and maximize profit.

The Bolt is a marketing move by adult companies to likewise capitalize on accessorizing, by creating a product specifically for a video, and then selling it in conjunction with that video.

Convergence Inc. President David Levine, who has been selling sex toys over the Internet since 1995 and has one of the largest adult novelty affiliate programs, said that this is a new development for adult entertainment. Levine’s does a considerable volume of business with Topco.

The Topco spokesmen also noted on AlyTV that the dildo will eventually be sold as a stand-alone product. They also said that Topco produces sex toys which are licensed by companies such as Hustler, Adam & Eve and others.

The “AlyTV” show emphasized sex toys because Drummond had just attended the Adult Novelty Manufacturers Expo, which took place this week at Universal City, Calif.

Lubes, a so-called “pussy purse,” vibrators, and more were also featured on the webcast. Gay porn producer Chic Chi LaRue appeared on the webcast out of uniform and demonstrated how to put a condom on a dildo.

The “AlyTV” talk show is webcast live on Thursdays at noon, PST.