Script School Radio Announces New Show

On Friday July 30, 2004 at 2pm PST / 5pm EST / 10pm GMT, Script School radio will celebrate its 200th weekly broadcast with many scheduled guests and participants from prior shows, and several changes which including the release of a new one hour show and website specifically designed for the new webmaster targeting the mainstream market.

TDavid, Principal of Script says, "For years, enrolled students have requested a show and course learning material specifically for mainstream websites and beginning in August 2004 we'll be launching an entirely new live radio show specifically for mainstream marketing and online webmaster training."

This new radio show will launch with a new website for 30 weeks while the first 30 lessons are recorded from live broadcasts and a full, official site launch will follow complete with detailed, step-by-step Flash video tutorials, quizzes and other webmaster learning support material. "Basically we're going to visually show webmasters how to build a website step-by-step from scratch using a new site as a real world example. We'll reveal when and where specifically this is happening during the landmark 200th radio show. And I'll give one hint: this new site will not have a school motif." adds TDavid.

The existing Script School courses are currently being reviewed and modified to work within a mainstream marketing framework along with a total Script School site redesign which is scheduled to be done by 2005. With many adult webmasters returning to and/or intensifying their focus on mainstream marketing the timing is good, thinks TDavid: "Script School students will benefit from this mainstream-oriented content as there is much crossover marketing appeal to adult webmasters."

When asked about the future of the longest running adult webmaster radio show, TDavid smiled and said, "If you asked me in the beginning if we'd someday reach 200 shows I'd probably have doubted it. I mean, just look at how many other webmaster-oriented radio shows have come and gone over these last 4+ years, but here we still are – and now we're expanding."

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