Video Company Attacks Army’s Free Breast Surgery

Ed Palomar
LOS ANGELES — Kick Ass Pictures is going to war against the U.S. Army’s free plastic surgery policy for soldiers. According to The New Yorker Magazine, from 2002 to 2003, the Army has reportedly provided 496 boob jobs to our women in uniform – all at taxpayer expense.

Liposuction is the most popular form of cosmetic surgery Army surgeons have provided soldiers free of charge. Breast surgery comes in second.

Jef Hickey, who is in charge of promotions for Kick Ass, considers this to be a waste of public funds. “We’re the ones paying for it. Our tax money for the military should go to bullets, not boobs,” Hickey told XBiz.

Kick Ass’ “Bullets Not Boobs” offer promises women who have recently been discharged from the military and not had breast surgery “a full day at the beauty spa of her choice, plus $500 in high-end lingerie.” The porn company calls its offer a “protest” against the Army’s program, plus “a reward for resisting the temptations” of free breast implants and augmentation.

“Bullets Not Boobs” is also a clever promotion that’s in keeping with Kick Ass’s emphasis on more natural sex. When users log on to, just about the first thing they see are “guarantees” that the site has “no fake tits” and “all-naked sex.”

“The owner of Kick Ass, Mark Kulkis, does not thing boob jobs are pretty,” Hickey told XBiz. “His passion is for natural breasts. People get atrocious boob jobs. They think they look great, but they’re awful, misshapen,” Hickey said.

Some performers who appear in Kick Ass videos are even close to being flat-chested. As examples of small-breasted Kick Ass talent, Hickey cited Jasmine Lynn, who appears in “10 Man Cum Slam,” and Hunter Young, who is in “Grrl Power!”

Kick Ass has a flair for promotions that spin-off of topical news. During California’s gubernatorial recall race, Kick Ass Pictures’ contract girl, Mary Carey, ran against Arnold Schwarzenegger and 100-plus other candidates. In the process, Carey got heaps of free publicity for herself and her company, including a spot on “The Tonight Show With Jay Leno.”

Hickey told XBiz that so far, nobody has applied for Kick Ass’ spa and lingerie reward, which was introduced on July 28. In order to be eligible for Kick Ass’s “Bullets Not Boobs” offer, discharged veterans must also be able to prove that they have natural breasts.

Another reason for opposing boob jobs for soldiers is that it makes them bigger targets.