Private U.S.A. Rolls Out Another 6-Pack of ‘Superfuckers’

Rhett Pardon
SUN VALLEY, Calif. — Private U.S.A. said Wednesday it will release a new six-volume pack of “Superfuckers” next week.

The Aug. 7 release of “Superfuckers Volume 7-12” includes more than 17 hours of footage and is priced at $99, available at adult stores and on the Internet.

"These DVD-only six-packs are unique to Private," Ric Williams, Private U.S.A.'s general manager, told XBiz. "No other adult companies are doing these. I also want to emphasize that these aren't comps — each disc is a complete, unedited release."

The DVD set will be rolled out under its Private Pack 25 label, which typically features specific directors such as Antonio Adamo, or performers such as Silvia Saint and Tanya Hide, Williams said.

In the latest “Superfuckers,” more than 50 women are featured from the collection's six volumes, with each disc at over 170 minutes.

"These collections represent a tremendous value to the consumer and an easy way for retailers to beef up their stock of high-quality adult collections in a way that only Private can deliver," Williams said.

Sun Valley, Calif.-based Private U.S.A. is a division of Barcelona-based Private Media Group, which publishes magazines and distributes DVDs and videos in some 35 countries. Its publications include Private, Private Sex, and Triple X.

Private Media Group’s adult video library includes more than 700 titles.

In addition, the company distributes explicit content to 100,000 subscribers through its website, and it operates three adult television channels (Private Blue, Private Gold, and Private Fantasy) that are distributed through satellite and cable systems in the United States, Europe, and Latin America.

In the three months ended March 31, Private Media Group realized a gross profit of $4.4 million, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Chairman Berth Milton owns 52 percent of the company, which was formed in 1965.

Shares of Private Media Group declined 1 cent to close at $2.33 Wednesday on the Nasdaq.