Offering New Dialer

Ed Palomar
NEW YORK - is offering adult webmasters an anonymous payment option that does not require users to provide credit card information online.

By utilizing this new U.S. dialer, users pay under $1 per minute, and the webmasters can earn 20 cents a minute. cites a recent survey that states an overwhelming number of possible buyers are skittish about providing credit card information online.

By offering this instantaneous payment choice that does not require users to disclose their identities and financial information, webmasters can overcome the reluctance of these potential customers. This option is also available for clients who may not own credit cards.

A large demographic of potential buyers is therefore made available to webmasters who use the new dialer. This can provide additional traffic to affiliates. provides a wide range of services around the world. The services range from live shows to local billing solutions – broadband, SMS, and dialer.

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