Warshavsky Denies Involvement With Cameron Diaz Video

Ed Palomar
LOS ANGELES - Public relations specialist Kevin Blatt told KSEX radio.com that former Internet Entertainment Group head Seth Warshavsky denies having anything to do with the Cameron Diaz sex video.

Blatt claimed on the talk show, however, that he was under the impression that Warshavsky was somehow involved in hosting the website Scandal-inc.com from a server in Thailand.

Scandal-inc.com was the site that first posted the Cameron Diaz tape for $39.95 per download.

The 30-minute video consists of outtakes of a 1992 S&M-themed photo shoot with the then-19-year-old actress clad in fishnets and leather, and appearing topless.

Blatt told KSEXradio.com hosts Dee and Fat Man (Harry Weiss) that the signature on the model release that purports to be Diaz’s was forged. Blatt alleged that Diaz’s agency, Elite Modeling Agency, did not allow its talent to sign model releases.

Fat Man asked Blatt if Warshavsky had fled the country. Blatt replied in the affirmative, alleging that Warshavsky left America under a cloud of suspicion due to dubious business practices. Blatt added, “I’ve been in touch with Seth in Thailand for weeks now.”

Warshavsky’s IEG made Internet news in 1997 when it ran the now infamous video of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee having sex. This helped thrust Warshavsky into the limelight and he was ballyhooed as a cyberporn Hugh Hefner before his precipitous fall from grace.

XBiz was unable to reach Warshavsky for comment.

Blatt also said on the KSEXradio.com show that he had been contacted by “offshore” persons to publicize the site that would feature the Diaz video. Blatt has previously promoted other celebrity sex videos, such as Red Light District’s "1 Night in Paris,” featuring Paris Hilton having sex with ex-boyfriend Rick Salomon.

Blatt told KSEX that he received $6,000 in his online banking account from individuals associated with the Diaz video. However, he denied writing the press release bearing his own name and number that was sent out to the media. (Blatt didn’t identify the so-called “offshore” persons.)

Blatt said he was sent a cease-and-desist letter from Cameron’s attorneys, Lavely & Singer.

"I met with them for three hours a week ago," Blatt said. "I wanted a full release from Cameron Diaz… She appears in 'Shrek,’which is for children. Her lawyers want to help maintain her image. Cameron Diaz is the number one female star in Hollywood. She commands $20-$25 million a picture,” Blatt added.

The publicist went on to say that the site that ran the Diaz video is down now.

“The video doesn’t exist anymore – it’s just a figment of your imagination,” Blatt said,