Innovative Ideas Launches

Ed Palomar
LAS VEGAS - Innovative Ideas International Ltd. announced the launch this week of , an extra “one-stop shopping” tool to eliminate some of the steps affiliate webmasters must go through to get the correct URLs for promotional campaigns.

Innovative Ideas offers a wide range of revenue and traffic management solutions for both mainstream and adult webmasters.

“ cuts down on the time it takes for webmasters to promote our sites,” Kevin Stamats, vice president of operations, told XBiz. “Webmasters can go in with two clicks and get links to all the sites and materials. They cut and paste links and get full promo zip packages ready to download. This was designed with the webmaster in mind in order to provide resources they need without having to log in to affiliate sites."

Stamats added that was designed as a tool to make it easier for webmasters to promote products through ARS CHAMPS, ARS 4 Real, the Home Sex Network, and ARS RI without having to navigate the full service ARS affiliate site.

To use the new system, webmasters enter their ARS account numbers into an easy-to-locate login box and begin downloading links and promotional material.

“Sometimes there are 150 ways for webmasters to link in order to get paid," said Scott Rabinowitz, Innovative’s vice president of business development. "They can get lost. Time-saving is a big issue. is a centralization tool. You don’t always have to go to the supermarket – sometimes you just have to go to the 7-Eleven."