Adult NetSurprise Launches Newbie Project #15

Adult NetSurprise has launched Newbie Project #15, the latest project in the Adult NetSurprise Newbie Zone, "Creating a Business Plan."

Creating a proper business plan is integral to any webmaster’s success, no matter how big or how small they are.

“These plans can vary drastically from one person to another as everything depends on the specific areas one is in. With that in mind, the original effort of actually creating a business plan for people to follow in this project seemed to be a bit obsolete. Instead, I opted to go with a few templates to help people formulate their own business plan.” Rowdy, Adult NetSurprise Newbie Zone.

Templates designed for the project include Time Management, Site Management, Record Management, Sponsor Management and much more. All templates have been designed so that webmasters can easily edit appearance and add options if they so choose.

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