Traffic Dude Offers DRM

Ed Palomar
LAS VEGAS, Nev. - Traffic Dude is offering a new Digital Rights Management option to help producers and distributors of intellectual property protect themselves against theft and unauthorized use of content.

“People spend lots of money developing content and are at risk when they publish it online,” Traffic Dude President Scott Rabinowitz told XBiz. “It’s necessary to put the DRM online in order to place an armored envelope around content.”

Traffic Dude is a Las Vegas-based firm that does advertising, business development, and more. According to Rabinowitz, and are Traffic Dude clients.

“Most forms of content has been distributed around the net for free," Rabinowitz said. "This has been a very large problem for mainstream and adult alike. This is because people operated without the protection available today."

Rabinowitz went on to tell XBiz, “Using DRM, the only ones who can break through are the people you want to. You can set guidelines, and disable rights to content. You don’t have to worry about giving your content away free through a file sharing network. DRM can prevent content from being stolen or used without benefits to all involved.”

Rabinowitz added that DRM has applications for non-adult content, such as music and books. He said that DRM is getting so hot that Jupiter Media, a tech industry and trade show organization, is holding a DRM trade show in the L.A. area in October.