Free Speech Coalition’s Renaissance-Themed 'Night of Stars'

Ed Palomar
CHATWORTH, Calif. - The Free Speech Coalition’s July 24 “Night of the Stars” will be Renaissance-themed, with the Sheraton Universal Hotel’s banquet hall decorated like Queen Elizabeth I’s court.

“Night of the Stars” is an annual event for the Free Speech Coalition, the adult industry’s trade organization. The gala serves as a fundraiser for FSC, and includes an awards ceremony.

FSC Executive Director Kat Sunlove told XBiz, “When guests walk into the Sheraton Universal, they will enter a whole new fantasy Renaissance world of nobility and lusty ladies.”

According to Sunlove, like at the Oscars, there will be awards in categories such as acting, directing, and lifetime achievement, as well as specific awards for outstanding gay actor and actress.

Sunlove went on to say that the virgin queen, "will be there in her finery, splenderiferous, no doubt in velvets, furs, and tiaras."

Renaissance regalia and garb is optional for guests, Sunlove added. FSC’s site advises partygoers that cocktail attire or black tie are also optional. Later in the evening, a DJ will spin platters for modern music and dancing.

“Jenna Jameson will win the Positive Image Award,” Sunlove stated. “Rapper Luther ‘Luke’ Campbell is receiving our Celebrity Freedom Fighter award, because he is a rap pioneer of explicit lyrics.”

Sunlove added, "Wicked Pictures’ Steve Orenstein will get the Joel Warner Good Guy Award because Steve has been around for a long time and done all the right things. When he started around 10 to 12 years ago, Steve setup 401K accounts for his employees, so they’d all become millionaires. During an HIV scare a few years ago, Wicked went condom only – and has stayed that way,” Sunlove said.

She also said Academy Award-winning actress Susan Sarandon is not expected to attend the event, and there will be no press conference there.

July 16 is the last day for sponsors to arrange for banners to be displayed at the gala happening. Those wishing to arrange banners should call Cherie Lee Wilson at (310)215-9792 by the close of business on July 16.

In other FSC news, Sunlove said that the Coalition’s quest for a new Executive Director has been narrowed to a short list. The board is “down to considering five excellent candidates,” Sunlove told XBiz in an exclusive interview.

After allegations of misappropriation of FSC funds led to the ouster of Executive Director Bill Lyon some months ago, Sunlove stepped in as Executive Director while the board conducted a search for a permanent replacement. When asked if she would remain as Excutive Director if asked to, Sunlove told XBiz “that’s a remote possibility.”

Sunlove, a former adult performer, currently divides her time between her Sacramento home and the San Fernando Valley, where the FSC is headquartered.

“I look forward to returning to my position as Legislative Affairs Director. Especially to work on HIV-related issues,” Sunlove stated.

It remains to be seen if a new permanent Executive Director will bring about a Renaissance for the FSC.

In the meantime, a good time should be had by all attending the “Night of the Stars” at the Sheraton Universal Hotel, in Universal City, L.A., on July 24. For more information regarding the star-studded affair, call: (866)FSC-9373 or log onto: