Cybertip Receives $700,000 Grant

Rhett Pardon
WINNIPEG — In one of the largest philanthropic gifts to a North American anti-child pornography group, Bell Canada announced it will provide $700,000 over three years in funding to, which handles tips from individuals reporting the online sexual exploitation of children, is an initiative of Child Find Manitoba.

The Montreal-based group isn’t an investigative entity, but rather a resource center and clearinghouse for the community and law enforcement. It was founded in May 2001, after a mandate from the Manitoba Department of Justice.

In the past two years, has generated 1,200 tips from Canadians. Forty percent of those tips were reported to law enforcement officials for further investigation, resulting in eight arrests and more than 180 shutdowns of websites.

In related news, Huron East, Ontario, could become the first municipality in Canada to require Internet service providers located within the municipality to block child porn.

A Canadian law gives municipalities authority to regulate businesses under the conditions of health and safety, nuisance control and consumer protection of local residents.

The proposed law could fine any Internet service provider within Huron East that fails to install filtering software from $2,000 to $5,000 or jail them for 30 days.