Klixxx Offers Ad Packages

Klixxx Magazine & Webmaster Resource Center has announced the recent launch of online advertising at Klixxx.com and related sites in the Klixxx Webmaster Network.

Online since 2001, Klixxx.com currently supports past, present, and future issues of Klixxx Magazine, an adult Internet industry trade publication. Featuring hundreds of exclusive articles across a wide range of categories, Klixxx.com has added a brand new search feature to help webmasters find the information they need faster. Klixxx.com also hosts programs, services, and resources listings with featured sponsors in each section.

Most notably, regarding the launch of the online advertising packages at Klixxx.com, is the new high exposure banner layout on the home page (728x90 Leaderboard, 120x300 and 250x200 banner sizes) and the new advertising section found at http://Klixxx.com/advertise, where print and online advertising features have been differentiated with pricing, guidelines, and inclusive features well explained. Online advertising inquires will be handled by Cyndalie directly, please contact her at Cyn@Klixxx.com to inquire or discuss webmaster-targeted marketing options.

Adult industry service providers, programs, and resources are encouraged to begin interacting with Klixxx in three primary ways:

1. Become a sponsor for webmaster education by advertising at Klixxx.com or in Klixxx Magazine. We have created a means of exposure to fit a budget of any size.

2. Submit your site for listing at Klixxx.com by sending your URL, Title, and Description to Kath@Klixxx.com. A return link is required, simply go to http://www.klixxx.com/resources/ to get started. Kath will also accept articles and press release submissions.

3. Visit and participate at the Klixxx Forums. Now referred to as the Klixxx.Community Boards, everyone is encouraged to participate in the recently revamped threads. From a general "hello" to posting funny news, to promoting your company, there is a topic for everyone to get involved and have a positive experience. The Klixxx.Community is found at http://www.klixxx.com/board

For more information, please visit Klixxx.com