The TGP Assistant Is Now Free

Gastonia, NC – RLW Publishing has released version three of its TGP Assistant software program. With the release of version three, the TGP Assistant is now free.

The TGP Assistant can help TGP gallery builders with rapid gallery building, fast and accurate submissions, easy email confirmation processing and more.

The TGP Assistant is loaded with features, including built in rules checking and smart category selection technologies. If your gallery does not meet the rules for a particular TGP, that TGP is skipped automatically.

From now on you can forget having to use multiple programs just to build a gallery. TGP Assistant does it all. Renames files, resizes and compresses images, creates thumbnails, builds all your HTML pages and more. It even checks your spelling and has a handy built-in thesaurus.

Even though the TGP Assistant is now free, it does not add any links or buttons to your galleries. Along with the release of the free TGP Assistant comes the opening of a new forum that allows users of the TGP Assistant a place to trade TGP submission databases.

For further information, please contact Rob Whisonant at or visit