Another Dose of Reality From TopBucks

Gretchen Gallen
TUCSON, Ariz. – Affiliate program TopBucks of Tucson went live this week with three more reality sites, following the success of the company's nearly two dozen demand-driven reality sites that have met with great popularity among webmasters and members.

The three new sites launched on Wednesday and include,, and, all three of which have pre-established popularity on the web and in the video market, Quentin Boyer, director of public relations for TopBucks, told XBiz.

"Whether it happens consciously or not, the web pretty much follows the video world," Boyer said. "You've got to remember we are still a pretty young industry and while there are a lot of new ideas on the web, if you look back you'll see it's been happening for a long time in the video market already."

As for the three new sites, Boyer says they follow in the steps of already established porn niches, particularly TwinksForCash, which Boyer says has garnered a lot of webmaster demand.

"That's how we decide what to build and launch," said Boyer. "Twinks grew out of two things really, one is the success of the gay reality sites we've already launched, and the other was from webmaster and member feedback. Basically we had requests for twink content, drawing on the young gay niche crowd," said Boyer.

Boyer added that JustFacials' content picks up on a trend that includes point-of-view shots of 100 percent oral-focused content, picking up on a video trend from the 1990s that did very well.

"We talked for a long time about developing this one and seeing how it did," said Boyer. "Similar to HerFirstAssToMouth which was driven by a proliferation of that kind of content we observed in the marketplace."

Boyer told XBiz that so far the test traffic for the three new sites has been "terrific."

"Webmasters are pretty happy with the results, in particular with the gay site," he said. "Anything we launch has an initial burst. We're well received out there because we take good care of our webmasters and we don't let them down."