Bunny Ranch Brothel Offers Free Sex to Soldiers

Gretchen Gallen
VIRGINIA CITY, Nev. – The oldest brothel in Nevada, 50-year-old Moonlight Bunny Ranch, is offering free sex, but not to just anyone. Only Canadian soldiers returning from duty in Afghanistan are eligible, says ranch owner Dennis Hof.

Hof told the press earlier this week that his intention by offering free brothel sex to Canadian peacekeepers is to restore equanimity to U.S./Canadian relations.

"I can be a good neighbor," Hof told the Canadian Press. "I'm the provider of sex to America," he said. "There are people who sell pictures, videos, that kind of stuff. I go one step further."

According to reports, this is not the first time Hof has shown his patriotic side when it comes to welcoming soldiers back from the war. Hof reportedly made a similar offer of free sex at the Bunny Ranch to American soldiers returning from duty in Iraq, which has so far cost him upwards of $50,000 in brothel sex tabs.

Hof added that the Bunny Ranch has long been a favorite hangout for many famous Canadians, particularly hockey players and other athletes.

The Bunny Ranch is credited with helping the state of Nevada pioneer prostitution in 1972. The Ranch is also the subject of an HBO reality documentary called "Cathouse" that takes viewers into the daily lives of real working girls through hidden cameras in the bedrooms of the brothel.