Screw Magazine's Al Goldstein Moves Out of Mansion

Gretchen Gallen
POMPANO BEACH, Fla. – Known for years as an eyesore for neighbors and boaters in this affluent waterfront enclave of Broward County, Al Goldstein, the famously crass publisher of Screw magazine is moving out of his mansion and taking his controversial foam statue of a human hand giving the world the "finger."

Goldstein, 68, who has been wracked with debt, bankruptcy, and a harassment conviction brought on by a former secretary over this past year that nearly sent him to jail, has sold his waterfront mansion at 1100 NE 28th Terrace for $1,785,000.

Screw magazine folded in the beginning of 2004 after Goldstein was unable to keep the once-famous skin rag profitable after circulation took a nosedive and his own finances spiraled out of control. Goldstein was forced to fold his company Milky Way Productions, which also included cable television show, "Midnight Blue."

Goldstein reportedly plans to start working on several adult film ventures now that he is more financially liquid.

According to Goldstein's agent with Miami-based Balistreri Realty, the house was sold to two investors from Pittsburgh who plan to gut the Mediterranean-style mansion, which features an Olympic-sized swimming pool, five bedrooms, and an acre of land.

Goldstein, who recently shed more than a 150 pounds after having his stomach stapled, required the use of seven tractor trailers to move his belongings off the estate, including the finger, which local residents couldn't have been happier to see go.

Goldstein purchased the finger in 1998 from the ABC television series "Spin City" and placed it on his back patio in full view of neighbors and boaters.

According to the Miami Herald, residents of Pompano Beach were unable to order Goldstein to remove it because it was classified as art and protected by the First Amendment.

Goldstein and his new bride Christine Ava Maharaj, 40 years his junior, plan to move to Port Charlotte. The couple were married in Las Vegas in January with Ron Jeremy as best man.