Google WebSearch Pays For Searches

Internet publishers looking to profit from the Google powerhouse have a new option at their disposal, Google WebSearch, Plus AdSense for Search. This program allows Webmasters to place a Google search box on their site, and to be paid for certain searches made through it.

Google's revenue model differs from the old "GoTo" program that was widely used several years ago in which Webmasters were paid 3 cents for every search made through a box placed on their sites. Since WebSearch search results contain both paid and unpaid listings, affiliates will only be paid a percentage of the revenue generated by a surfer clicking on Google's paid listings.

According to the Google Website, Webmasters may "Generate additional revenue from search pages with the AdSense program. AdSense combines powerful search technology with thousands of keyword advertisers to deliver targeted text-based advertising. Visitors find these ads useful and click on them — and when they do, Google pays you. And since there are more pages generated by Google search, you'll have more pages to monetize."

The Google solution offers a high degree of customization. According to Google, you can "Add your logo and match the search results to your site by changing the colors of the background, title, text, URL and more," offering seamless integration.

Webmasters can also add Google's SiteSearch option, allowing for indexing of their own sites as part of the listings, while Google's advanced filtering technology allows you to block unwanted ads - such as those placed by competitors.

Webmasters currently enrolled in Google's AdSense program are eligible for the new WebSearch program, while new affiliates are invited to apply for this program by visiting