Gay Wide Webmasters Launch Contest

Gretchen Gallen
DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Webmaster resource site Gay Wide Webmasters is tapping into the success of its recent redesign with a contest for the person who posts the 25,000th post on the boards at

Daytona Beach-based Gay Wide Webmasters announced its "Count Down to 25,000" contest which comes with $9,000 in cash and prizes, all donated by the Gay Wide Webmaster community and companies affiliated with the resource site. Gay Wide Webmasters is a subsidiary of GA Media Corp.

Since the company's redesign of its website in November of last year and the relaunch of the boards, Gary-Alan, the founder of Gay Wide Webmasters, told XBiz he has seen a lot of growth for the site, especially on the boards, which many webmasters who run gay sites find an essential tool in staying in touch with the gay porn market.

"The reception to the boards has always been good, but since the redesign the response has been even better than I expected," Gary-Alan told XBiz. "When we first discussed doing a milestone contest, I wanted something special. The generosity that many companies, and our community members, offered to the prize lot just overwhelmed me. This is just one of the many reasons I love this business. We’re so looking forward to a winner.”

According to Gary-Alan, the "Count Down to 25,000" contest is open to Gay Wide Webmaster community members who registered for the forums prior to the 23,000th post.