Brittany Andrews Plays It Safe

Gretchen Gallen
LOS ANGELES – Adult star Brittany Andrews of Britco Pictures has teamed with Porno Dan of for a two-day content shoot this week to raise awareness about safe sex alternatives for the adult industry.

On the heels of the HIV scare that hit the adult industry last month and infected five actors, and possibly others, Andrews and Porno Dan are making an example of their own dedication to health and healthy sex practices by producing a condoms-only content shoot to prove that the adult sex industry can infact co-exist with safer-sex practices without compromising the content or the experience for the consumer.

Andrews and Porno Dan are using this week's shoot to launch a bi-monthly collaborative safe-sex environment in which talent and production people come together in the name of safer sex and shoot website content with condoms.

"When I first got into the industry I did my first movie without a condom and pretty much called up my mother afterwards freaking out over having exposed myself in that way," Andrews told XBiz.

Andrews, also known as "Miss Brittany," and producer Porno Dan started discussions last year before the HIV scare shut down the adult industry with a 60-day moratorium that was cut short by the AIM HealthCare Foundation. In her nearly 12-year career, Andrews has lived through five HIV scares in the industry.

According to a statement released by Andrews' company Britco Pictures, where the shoot took place Wednesday and Thursday, the veteran porn star wants to let newcomers to the industry know that they must take care of themselves and they cannot trust anyone else to watch over something as precious as their health.

Several years into her career, Andrews decided she would be a condoms-only actress, a decision that has not been easy, Andrews told XBiz, particularly when so many production companies prefer to shoot without condoms.

At one point, a top adult entertainment production company offered to triple Andrews' salary as a contract girl if she would do shoots without a condom. But Andrews held her ground.

"It's not okay to risk your life," Andrews said. "It's very important that women have a role in their sexuality and don't let themselves get talked into doing something they aren't comfortable with. You always have the choice of walking off a set."

Andrews advises new girls to follow her example and determine their own boundaries over what sex acts they will and won't do, in addition to not allowing producers and directors to pressure them into doing scenes they feel are unsafe.

The Andrews/Porno Dan shoot was conducted using a new line of condoms that Andrews and Porno Dan have endorsed and which they claim provide superior protection against all manner of sexually transmitted diseases "with a healthy dose of style."

The shoot this week featured Andrews, Michelle Lay, Angelica Sin, Lena Ramone, Maliyah Madison, Kami Andrews and Jacklyn Lick as of press time.

Andrews will also be performing stand-up comedy this Saturday night following Erotica L.A. at the Improv in Irvine.