New Version Of Adult-Engine Coming Soon

AdultWebware will soon be ready to present a new, improved version of Adult-Engine. The company staff is now on the final stage of preparing the brand new members area and content update automation script (v4.0), which was first released in January of 2002.

"The new version was to be released months ago, but the whole AdultWebware company staff was hired to complete exclusive custom projects for some of the leading names in the industry. That shifted the initially planned release date," Nickolas Trueman, the CEO, said. "The new version is 12x times more stable than the previous 3.xx releases, and it allows you to create turnkey member areas even easier than before..."

You can subscribe to AdultWebware news and events to become among the first to be notified about the release, and get a 10% discount off of the price when the newest version is released.

Adult-Engine is installed on more than 250 member areas so far, with amount of members ranging from 15 to 2000+ each.

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