Outback Productions Chooses D-Theater

Rhett Pardon
LOS ANGELES — Outback Productions said Wednesday it plans to release its films in D-Theater format.

"We'll be the first adult company to offer our features on this format and it'll be the first time the consumer can watch adult entertainment in high-definition, outside of cable and satellite broadcasts," Outback President Nicole London told XBiz. "We're very excited about this."

D-Theater, the first and only video format that is compatible with high definition TVs, is the brand name for JVC's version of the D-VHS format, which delivers a sharp picture and crisp sound. D-Theater tapes are encoded in 1080i video format, delivering 1080 lines of vertical resolution, and with Dolby Digital 5.1 audio.

D-Theater format is seen as a perfect fit for the David Lynch-inspired films Outback produces, contract director Robert Hunington indicated.

“We offer the sweat of our performers skin while we captivate out audience with the trance-like state of mindfuck in our films,” Hunington said.

London said that “Spunn” is Outback’s first D-Theater release. The movie features adult stars Monique Alexander and Brooke, who both will be with London and Hunington at this weekend’s Erotica LA at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

"[Alexander and Brooke] are both favorites that were requested to sign by our customers,” London said. “I'm also looking forward to meeting fans of our features and doing some business at Erotica LA."

Alexander’s been busy shooting “Playboy Hot HD,” and in the upcoming features “Sex Sessions” and “Kink.” Brooke is also featured in “Sex Sessions” and “Kink,” as well as “The Watchers.”

"The sex is hot in those movies, but it's classy," Brooke said.

London said Los Angeles-based Outback will make all future productions available on D-Theater, VHS and DVD.