TabooRevenue Adds ePassporte Affiliate Payment

Rogersville, TN – TabooRevenue announced today that they have added ePassporte to their list of options available for affiliate payment.

ePassporte offers both a Virtual Visa and a Visa Electron Card. The ePassporte Virtual Visa can be used to shop securely and privately online wherever Visa is accepted. The ePassporte Visa Electron Card is designed for use in the physical world and can be used to withdraw funds at any ATM terminal or to make purchases wherever Visa is accepted around the globe.

TabooRevenue Webmasters can still choose to receive payment via check by mail, or direct deposit, but now they have the added choice of setting up their own ePassporte account to receive their funds. Mandy Haga, Webmaster Representative for TabooRevenue explains the benefits of choosing ePassporte by stating, "ePassporte provides affiliates with several advantages over receiving a standard check via snail mail such as no worries about lost checks, reduction or elimination in fees associated with receiving a check and a reduction in time between being issued and receiving payment."

All TabooRevenue Sponsor Programs are offering the ePassporte affiliate payment option, for a complete list of these sponsors check out the Sponsor Directory at

For more information, please contact Mandy Haga at