Netbilling Expands Gateway Software

Gretchen Gallen
SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Payment processor Netbilling introduced version 2.6 of its gateway software Wednesday that includes a new swipe-terminal compatibility that enables merchants to utilize one interface for all of their transactions, whether the cardholder is present or not.

According to Mitch Farber, president of Netbilling, with version 2.6, membership billing periods can be measured in minutes, hours or days, giving merchants more choices when it comes to setting up billing plans for users.

A Netbilling Merchant Services spokesperson who goes by the name of Erin told XBiz that with expanded billing options, webmasters can more easily charge customers for 30-minute or hourly trials, whereas with the former system, the minimum billing cycle for webmasters was on a daily basis.

The new system is intended to make it easier for webmasters to process pay-per-view transactions over the web, Erin added.

Netbilling has been a payment processor for the adult industry since 1998 and estimates that around 50 percent of its clients are adult entertainment companies. Netbilling has catered many aspects of its billing software system to the special needs of the adult industry, Erin told XBiz.

The updated gateway software also makes auto-cancellation an easier process for both webmasters and customers. Now "Member Information Lookup Pages" can be linked globally over all Netbilling merchant websites, giving merchants with numerous accounts more flexibility over how their members and agents can access data for cancellations and password changes.

"If a merchant has more than one Netbilling account because they might own dozens of websites or a large affiliate program, now they can use a global page for all cancellations, which gives ease to customer and merchants," Erin said.

In keeping with new demands from Visa and MasterCard, Netbilling has also added a CISP-compliant feature in its new software version, which will not only keep merchants in compliance with credit card regulations as they currently are and as they change, but it will also increase aspects of cardholder security.

"We are very excited about all of the new features in this release and have taken our merchant suggestions to a new level," said Farber.