Mansion Productions Announces MPA3

Mansion Productions has announced the release of their new MPA3 software, designed to further ease the process of maintaining a reseller program, as well as adding multiple processors in a "cascading" environment, including check processing, dialer integration and sales accounting.

Current MPA2 users will be given free upgrades to the MPA3 system, which includes:

Geo tracking - allowing you to redirect surfers from certain countries to special tour pages (a dialer page or other alternative payment methods.

The ability to let affiliate Webmasters choose if they want to get paid by check, direct deposit, wire or ePassporte.

The ability to offer several tour options.

The ability to run multiple programs, paying out Per Unique, Per Signup, Partnership, or Per Active Member.

The ability to offer free trial memberships where the Webmaster will be paid X amount of money or a percentage of the sale only after the referral has recurred over to a monthly membership.

A new stats system measuring uniques, free trials, paid trials, conversions, rebilling, chargebacks, and payouts, fully customizable by the administrator for look and feel.

And much more: According to Oystein Wright, CEO of Mansion Productions "Ease of integration has improved immensely in MPA3 compared to MPA2, so the process is also a lot cheaper than before. The crew at Mansion Productions has worked day in and day out to come out with the absolutely best product possible to take over for MPA2. We truly believe in our MPA3 product."

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