XBiz Launches New Syndication Service

HOLLYWOOD – XBiz announced today that its new syndication service, disseminating breaking industry and company news, has launched.

The free service, courtesy of XBiz, can distribute the latest news and informative articles instantaneously to an unlimited number of syndicate sites, as well as popular desktop news-reader applications, such as FeedDemon (http://www.bradsoft.com/download/index.asp).

“We are excited to raise the bar on getting information out to the community as soon as it happens,” said LoriZ of XBiz. “The movement of the industry is quick and with XBiz Syndication Service, we want everyone to be informed of new things as they are happening.”

The syndication service offers four distinct content types through a dynamic database-driven XML backend, updating every hour as new content is published and made available on XBiz.

In addition to the feeds themselves, XBiz also has made available a comprehensive tutorial package outlining the implementation of the syndicate process, as well as the inclusion of various real-world code examples, such as sample CSS-style sheets for controlling the look and format of the data and a pre-prepared turn-key PHP/XML aggregator, making setup a breeze for both beginning and advanced users.

Since 1998, XBiz's mission has been to keep the industry informed. As the leading resource site for breaking news, informative articles and the most extensive business directory in the industry, XBiz's new syndication service is one more way to accomplish their mission.

For more information, please visit http://xbiz.com/syndicate/.