TAG Network To Open New Locations

Montreal – TAG Network will open two new collocations in July, in London and Amsterdam. These secured floors will be equipped with state of the art UPS, a fire suppression system and a redundant fiber entrance similar to their other collocation centers throughout North America.

TAG Network has also just finished testing their new load balancing product, which allows customers to position servers geographically (East-West or North South or even North America and Europe) to optimize the throughput of their web sites. The closest server will then be used for distribution to destination. This system can also be used for redundancy, so if one server fails, the load balance system will redirect the traffic to the other server, so you’ll never have to be down again, even during maintenance.

Finally, TAG Network has built their own adult content delivery network, which is basically a cache network like Akamai but dedicated only to the adult industry.

For more information, please visit www.tag-network.com.