Lara Roxx Emerges as Webcam Madam

Gretchen Gallen
MONTREAL, Quebec – After being diagnosed with HIV in May and becoming an instant media darling for mainstream news outlets, former porn star Lara Roxx is using her instant fame and misfortune to launch a for-pay webcam site.

The newly-anointed webcam madam recently re-surfaced at where she claims to oversee a webcam chat site with hundreds of adult actors featured in video teaser chats, private chats, nude chats, and pre-recorded shows. Roxx herself also lists times that she is available to chat with users, and she reserves the right to refuse service to anyone.

Since becoming infected with the AIDs virus after doing a double-anal sex scene with porn veteran Darren James, the French-Canadian porn actress has hit hard times following her diagnosis and exclusion from work in the adult industry.

The new Lara Roxx website includes a picture of Roxx herself holding up a hand-lettered sign thanking everyone for their support. She lists personal information about herself that includes her bra size, hair color, birthday, and sexual preferences.

In a short biography, Roxx admits to only getting into the film industry to build up a nest egg that she could take back to Canada and lead a normal life.

Roxx was involved in making adult films for only three months before becoming infected with HIV.

On previous occasions the young actress has expressed interest in being a rap star and singing a duet with rap diva Missy Elliott. Recently posted aspirations include taking a film course at the University of California, Los Angeles, although Roxx admits to being broke, jobless, and staying with friends while dealing with her illness.

The LauraRoxx site is hosted by Quebec-based WebConexus Intermedia Limited, also the host of Roxx's original website,, which now directs traffic to, a site that provides education and information on the AIDS virus. WebConexus Intermedia also hosts other adult-centric sites as well as mainstream sites.

Representatives for WebConexus could not confirm their involvement with the Roxx webcam site.