Moviedollars Introduces Custom URLs, the affiliate program for Pay-Per-Minute provider, now has the capability to offer custom URLs to all of their webmasters. These custom URLs allow webmasters to use their own domains throughout their custom theaters, while utilizing’s vast, yet secure, backend.

A substantial majority of webmasters have become accustomed to linking to “”. With custom URLs, webmasters can now link to The address bar and status information will only serve to re-enforce that specific webmaster’s domain information. Webmasters can also create an "A" record, pointing directly to one of’s servers, effectively alleviating any of the frustrations and concerns associated with handling a domain.

Alternatively, If webmasters wish to link to URLs that define their traffic they can link to any one of's 35+ domain names.

According to the Project Coordinator, James Seibert, "A webmaster can already create and brand their own Pay-Per-Minute website using our custom theaters. Custom URLs just takes that one step further." The main benefit of custom URLs is that webmasters can exercise complete control over their product’s brand name and, more importantly, their traffic. As a corollary, Seibert adds, "We know how hard webmasters work to build their traffic and they deserve to be able to reap the maximum rewards from that traffic. At, we firmly believe that custom theaters, custom URLs and recurring lifetime payouts make that possible."

In appreciation of all their hard work, and to prove their commitment to webmasters, Seibert and crew offer webmasters the opportunity to dole out 15 free minutes on content to their paying customers. Says Seibert, "This way we’re sure that any machine’s contingencies are accounted for." As quickly as webmasters begin dispersing free minutes on, they can start building up their monthly income.

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