New Beta Version of Windows Media Player Released

Rhett Pardon
REDMOND, Wash. – The new beta version of Windows Media Player 10 is now available for download.

Microsoft Corp. is touting the upgrade with having a “sleek” design with “enhanced device support.”

The major changes apply to interacting with devices that haven't been released on the market yet.

The Redmond, Wash., software giant is pushing to make interaction with the latest portable music players as easy as possible, and hopes that this new version of Media Player is the answer.

Some of the major features include the ability to automatically synchronize video, music, and pictures stored on a portable player with that stored on a Windows-based PC.

It also includes new Digital Rights Management features, allowing content from subscription sites to be transferred to portable devices easily.

Currently, Windows Media Player 10 is only available for Windows XP. The company did not disclose if it will be available for other Windows versions.

To reach the download site of Windows Media Player 10, click here .