PureCash Launches Version 3.0

PureCash has announced the unveiling of the latest version of their affiliate program, PureCash 3.0.

PureCash, which started off in 1998 as a solution for a family of webmasters looking for a program to meet rising surfer expectations, now offers $1 trials with a $25 payout, $2.95 trials with a $35 payout, free trials with a $20 payout, and a 70% RevShare program, all of which have non-console tours available.

RevShare will also be available in the Free, $1, and $2.95 programs, with one webmaster account giving affiliates the option to choose between RevShare and PPS without signing up for dual accounts.

PureCash 3.0 also offers a total revamp of the sponsor's webmaster stats area, two new versions of every tour, new hosted galleries, including movies, added on a weekly basis, new premium sites, and more.

For more information, please visit www.purecash.com.