123Bill Waives Sign-up Fees For Established Merchants

123Bill is waiving the setup fee for any established merchants with existing businesses with no length-of-term stipulations in their contracts.

123Bill verifies customer identity through various credit reporting agencies. Once their information is verified, they receive both an e-invoice and a hardcopy invoice via postal mail, which they can pay by check or money-order. At the same time, the customer receives immediate access to your products or site. 123Bill not only handles all of the details from invoicing to collections, but also assumes all of the risk to deliver guaranteed funds to you.

123Bill uses a driver’s license and social security information to verify customer identity. This qualifies 123Bill as a true age verification service. Unfortunately, this also means that 123Bill is only viable for US customers. However, merchants worldwide are able to use 123Bill to verify and to increase revenue, as this opportunity is available to all merchants.

Having 123Bill as an alternative payment option does not compromise your current operations and affiliate network. Their technology is setup to handle one-time payments, rebills, affiliate reporting, cancellations and more.

123Bill guarantees all of its merchant clients 65% gross of every sale made through the company. From the moment a credit card processor rejects a sale, that is typically lost money for a merchant. 123Bill assumes all the responsibility and risk of turning that lost sale into cash in your account. Not only do they offer merchants the chance to turn declines into viable sales, but they also attract new customers to your site by offering the customer an opportunity to purchase online without needing a credit card, or having to worry about creditworthiness.

Compared to 900 and dialer solutions, 123Bill offers merchants a more viable, versatile and profitable alternative billing solution for their US customers. Not only do they provide guaranteed payment, but there are no length-of-term stipulations in any 123Bill contract, so you have no commitment. Since 123Bill is not a “prepaid” solution, merchants are able to seize the day with consumers’ spontaneous buying habits.

For more information, please visit 123Bill.com.