AdultNetSurprise Teams Up With YNOT Radio

Fort Lauderdale, FL – YNOT Radio is pleased to welcome the addition of AdultNetsurprise and their new, weekly radio show called “Free Fall.” To revive the spirit of the old AdultNetsurprise Thursday Night Party, expect a whole new level of wacky craziness each week. Free Fall can be heard weekly at each Thursday evening at 9 pm EST.

“This is not your typical show for webmasters. This is pure fun! Expect us to see fellow webmasters and industry types “owned,” states Lee Noga. “I’ll stick people on the air who don’t see it coming and ask them questions to pale a ghost” she continues.

When asked about the new show, Kre8t0r said “We'll make Jerry Springer look like Sesame Street!”

The original programming at YNOT Radio is continuing to expand and more information on each of their shows can be found online. “I’m very excited to see these two incredible resources working together to bring something fun and entertaining to the airwaves for webmasters who need to un-plug for a few and have some laughs! Who better to whip up the madness than Kre8t0r and Lee Noga” says Daron Babin. Babin handles new programming for the station and states that you can count on more new shows covering a myriad of other topics of interest to webmasters.

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