Wedding Bells Chime for Cops in ‘Bus Stop Whores’

Rhett Pardon
SAN FRANCISCO – While business skyrockets for Traffic Cash Gold’s “Bus Stop Whores” in the wake of the revelation that two San Francisco cops star in one of their movies, there is more news.

The two officers are planning to get hitched.

Porn star Reina Leone, whose real name is Kelly Francisco, and police officer Darryl Watts may get married in Hawaii, Watts said over the Memorial Day weekend.

"I love her dearly," Watts, a Police Department officer, told the San Francisco Chronicle. "She's my fiancee, we're getting married, and nothing is going to change that.''

Twenty-nine-year-old Leone, a Sheriff’s Department deputy, has countless credits in the adult industry and owns her own website, She did not return calls by XBiz for comment.

She and Watts performed in a 45-minute film that was shot on the streets of East Los Angeles – Leone in the title role and Watts, 27, as the paying customer. In one scene Leone, who goes by the name Mira in the video, solicits a sex act for $500.

Watts also told the paper that he shouldn’t be held accountable for moonlighting after police duties.

“I'm not going to apologize for it,” Watts said. “I'm not ashamed of the video.”

"It had nothing to do with the department – there was no uniform, no insignia or nothing identifying that we worked for [the city],'' he said. "Nor do I see it as an immoral act, and until somebody changes the First Amendment.''

Both Sheriff’s Department spokeswoman Eileen Hirst and the Police Department’s Maria Oropeza told XBiz that investigations are underway to determine if there are any violations of rules and procedures.

The video of “Bus Stop Whores” in which Leone plays Mira can be accessed here.