Old Pueblo Distribution Signs Grego

NEW YORK - Who is Grego you ask? Well, tune in to VH1 on Thursday, June 3rd at 12 midnight, Friday the 4th at 1am and Saturday at 2am and find out. VH1 filmed a documentary on Grego and the exclusive "underground" sex parties he throws in NYC, and the air dates above are just to start, with more air dates to come as VH1 has said they plan on "airing the hell out of the show."

Lately, "mainstream" media has been interested in Grego. He has also been on ABC News and the Naked NY talk show and has been in the NY Times, NY Post and interviewed by Men's Health. The producers of Prime Time 20/20 have also met with him to talk, but Grego declined their pitch idea, stating, "I won't do things with just anyone, just because they are big time media".

"I'm all about bringing sexual freedom into mainstream American and making it more acceptable" says Grego, "There's no reason people should feel ashamed for being sexual and liking sex. You don't have these "uptight" sexual issues in Europe and a lot of other countries and we need to stop having the small minority of "puritan uptights" in America making it look like we should. I of course feel people should practice safe sex and personally I try to balance my sexual side with my spiritual side." Grego goes on to say, "I am also happy to be signing with Old Pueblo Distribution. The're a very hot, new company on the adult video scene and I guess you could say I'm a hot, new "sexual liberator" and XXX film producer on the scene. Arnold Stein (The owner of Old Pueblo Distribution) is starting to make waves and so am I, so I am glad to be working with him".

For further information, please visit www.opdistribution.com.