HardcoreMoney.com Pulls the Plug

Gretchen Gallen
FT. LAUDERDALE, Fla. – HardcoreMoney.com surprised the webmaster community Thursday by announcing on GFY that parent company Global Media Inc. has decided to pull the plug on the once-popular affiliate program.

"Due to increased external pressures and unforeseen circumstances beyond out control, Global Media Inc. will cease to operate the HardcoreMoney.com adult affiliate program effective immediately and indefinitely," HardcoreMike announced on the GFY boards. "Those of you who know us will understand that we don't do this lightly and we wish all of our affiliates and partners the very best in your future endeavors."

News of the demise of HardcoreMoney surprised many webmasters who flooded the GFY thread with questions, some out of concern, and some out of interest in getting paid for outstanding payouts.

Speculation over what might have driven HardcoreMoney out of the affiliate race ranged from legal troubles, lawsuits, competition from other affiliates programs, or the possibility that they might have lost their billing services.

By Friday morning, the HardcoreMoney website was down and representatives for the affiliate site were unavailable for comment.