‘Primetime’ Probes Adult Industry Tonight

Rhett Pardon
NEW YORK – Diane Sawyer reports tonight on ABC’s “Primetime Thursday” that the adult business is now very much mainstream and one of the most profitable sectors of the American economy.

Sawyer’s investigation of the estimated $12 billion porn industry includes a look at the recent HIV breakout, and the revelation that the porn business stops for no one.

"You've got to understand, this is pornography," Sharon Mitchell of the Adult Industry Medical Healthcare Foundation told ABC-TV. "It doesn't shut down for Christmas, and I'm afraid it won't shut down for HIV."

XBiz was told tonight’s segment specifically looks at the companies which are fueling porn – not just the small companies which produce porn but Fortune 500 corporations such as hotel chains and cable operators that are raking in big profits.

And the show will focus on Laura Roxx, the first female porn star to test HIV-positive during this latest scare.

The Montreal native discusses her life-changing diagnosis and her uncertain future after only three months in the business.

Sawyer also interviews Belladonna, who came to Los Angeles as an 18-year-old Mormon from Utah looking for stardom as a model.

Sawyer followed her over a period of three years as she became part of the adult film world and eventually emerged as a star.

Belladonna, whose real name is Michelle, earned $4,000 in one of her first shoots that included sex with 12 men.

"It was really hard because I really felt like a piece of meat ... in a lion's cage, 12 lions," she told Sawyer. "I wasn't ready for anal sex."

“Primetime Thursday” airs on ABC-TV tonight at 10 p.m., EST and PST; 9 p.m. CST.